Clear process, high degree of flexibility.

Benefits for clients.

In addition to the personalized analysis of your CV, a professional communication strategy, an in-depth visualization of your further career and an action plan for your customized job search, you can also expect:

  • Quick, targeted results
  • A solution- and future-focused process
  • Support in your professional communication as the foundation for your success
  • Clarity in regards to your personal professional vision and goals according to your situation and questions
  • Detailed knowledge of the open and hidden job market and how to navigate successfully in both
  • Effective know-how on interview technique, networking and Social Media
  • Wide range of workshops and trainings for personal use and further education
  • An increase of your personal Impact
  • Knowledge of the future labour market challenges and how to implement personal development measures
  • Office infrastructure with equipped work spaces
  • The continuation of your career in a new and fitting environment.

Benefits for customers.

  • Employees leaving the company are in good hands with us, until a new solution has been found
  • The company fulfils its corporate social responsibility towards its staff, even in challenging situations
  • Life Cycle Outplacement® promotes the company’s image, internally and externally
  • Costs and length of a separation can be planned
  • Prevention of potential costly legal disputes.


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