What clients say about us.

Head Marketing & Sales International

(...) has accompanied me very professionally and with the necessary sensitivity during the whole time of the professional reorientation, from the very beginning until the successful signing of the new contract. (...) has an immense know-how and experience at each stage as well as the necessary tools in order to find the job that is tailored to the individual. Her valuable input triggered the necessary and correct measures. The outplacement with (...) is individual, supportive, focused and associated with passion.

Head R&D, pharmaceutical Industry

I was repeatedly given an understanding of aspects which, previously, I had not been aware of. The preparation for the varying interviews can be described as excellent. The many impulses were very valuable and sustainable. For this I am very grateful.

Senior Executive (development of the professional goal within the Outplacment programme)

(…) The summary really helped me recognize the various options for my new position. I knew of course, that during my career I had gained experience in many fields, but I had not realized how I could actually utilize this diversity until we had the meeting on professional visions and goals. The scope for my job search has now widened considerably. Thank you for the large amount of time reserved also for this part of the programme.

Senior Professional, transport industry

I previously hadn’t known about Outplacment and was a bit sceptical at the beginning of the programme. Today I would not want to miss this valuable experience. Being able to do an Outplacement increased my confidence, my motivation and my professional equilibrium. Today I look towards the future in a much more motivated way, I know myself better and see my goals much more clearly.

Senior Expert (consulting in English)

Thanks to the professionality of you all, I was able to cross a work termination experience as a chance to identify new work opportunities. I enjoyed the friendly and dynamic environment at Schluchter, Licci & Partner AG, by which I always felt welcome, valuable, professionally assisted and brought "up to date" on all aspects of the career market. My success in being now employed in an international company is certainly also the result of your professional support through all the Outplacement process.

Workshop participant (Senior Manager)

The Workshop took place in a very friendly atmosphere and showed me the manifold possibilities on how I can best make use of both Xing and LinkedIn for my personal career.

Manager, Consumer Goods (new job in a new industry)

I felt the need to make a change in my career. I want to express my great compliment for your high professionalism, experience, and know-how. Through your advice I was able to strengthen my confidence and positivity, which was highly helpful for the job search. I owe it to you and your support that I have found a new job in my preferred industry in such a short period of time. I will recommend your company gladly.

Senior Manager, Financial Industry

Thank you very much for the really good interview preparation. The meeting went exactly the way we had prepared it. Thank you once more for the idea with the (...); I could bring in all items in the discussion (...). I will keep you informed.

Specialist (new career goals)

Many thanks again for your support; for me it was very NEW, EXCITING and INSTRUCTIVE.

Senior Consultant, Public Sector

Many thanks for your top professional support, I will gladly recommend you.

Project Manager, Financial Industry

The (...) was great, I was able to convince. I was repeatedly asked precisely how I would proceed in this or that Situation (...). I was well prepared and felt good, the training was perfect. It made me realize aspects I hadn't noticed before, 1000 thanks again!

Specialist, Financial Industry

(...) The advice was great, exciting and very helpful. I am thrilled by the structured and human approach.

Specialist, Financial Industry

(...) does a superb job; her advice goes beyond the scope of the agreement.

Executive (new job in a new industry)

I would like to thank you once again for the support in my career reorientation. Thanks to your professionalism and your profound knowledge I was able to prepare, among other things, the interviews perfectly, this increased my chances for success significantly. You drew my attention to important details and explained the process. The meeting went just like you had trained it with me. To you goes my heartfelt thanks that I got the job!


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