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Practical, effective potential analysis.

For a targeted clarification of suitability and development possibilities or as an evaluation tool for your employees, our assessments have proven themselves in practice in the following situations:

  • Recruiting : To evaluate and clarify the suitability of a person for a position to be filled (selection).
  • Development : For the evaluation and clarification of promotion opportunities or new positions within the company.
  • Performance : For the evaluation and identification of development needs in an existing position.
  • Change : As an evaluation tool in situations such as on-boarding, team development or organisational change phases.

As the client, you receive practice-relevant feedback on leadership and social skills as well as development advice. Our potential analyses are suitable for the target groups of C-level, middle management, team leaders and experts.

Unique in Switzerland

We are the first assessment provider in Switzerland to offer neuroscience-based assessment in cooperation with an established neurological institute.

The advantages for companies

  • Increased certainty in decision-making and assessment of potentials
  • Broadly applicable, e.g. in recruitment & development
  • Best quality due to long-time and globally proven tools

Build on tested quality! We are certified as executive, team and neuro coaches and are members of Swiss Assessment and ACF Switzerland.


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