Daniel Furtwängler


Degree as a Lawyer from the University of Bern. Further training at the HSG St. Gallen (expert in European business law), in the area of corporate finance combined with a longer stay in New York. Distance learning at Blockchains 101 with a degree as Entreprise Blockchain Professional. Also, sound coaching training.

I started my career as a lawyer and internal legal advisor in the financial industry. As a result, I worked in the banking business for more than 20 years, mainly in the areas of private equity and wealth management, where I worked in various specialist areas in management positions up to management level and as chairman of a pension fund foundation. In a broad international context, my activities were primarily focused on private and commercial customer business and close cooperation with all functions (back office, risk management, compliance and HR).

As an internal mentor, I have advised and supported numerous employees in a wide variety of functions and hierarchical levels with regard to various professional aspects such as career development, conflict management, team building and leadership issues. In 2020 I decided to put consulting, coaching and mentoring at the center of my professional activity and joined thus Schluchter, Licci & Partner AG.

I very much enjoy to coach and counsel people on their way to success!

My consulting languages are German and English.


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