Dr. Gabriele Rödter

Zurich, Zug,

Executive and Team Coach, Diploma Coach SCA, Company Mentor eFA, Cert. NeuroCoach (LMU), Cert. Integrative NeuroCoach according to Roth & Ryba

For more than 30 years I have been accompanying executives, teams and organisations in change and development processes as a coach, trainer and consultant. With my academic and pedagogical background, a PhD in German studies, and Master of Cognitive Neuroscience (aon), my focus as a coach and sparring partner is on reorientation, motivation & personality development. I have accompanied numerous executives in career and personal coaching, change and strategy projects as well as leadership issues in Switzerland, Europe and Anglo-Saxon countries.

What inspires me is the ability to develop human potential in order to use it optimally in reorientation, change, innovation and growth processes. Every day I look forward to contributing with my experience to encourage and inspire other people.

Consulting Languages: German and English.


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