Results of our Survey to the job market 4.0.

With Pit Stop® - one step ahead. A registered trademark of Schluchter, Licci & Partner AG.


How do you prepare the employees in your company for the job market 4.0 with the right skills and motivating career perspectives? In n a recent international study McKinsey has shown that employees will be spending up to 60% of their time with new tasks and skills to remain competitive in the future. 

In addition, the current Gallup engagement-index indicates that only 15% of employees in Switzerland have a strong commitment to the employer.

Our customer-survey in spring 2019 on career management 4.0 confirms both tendencies: Only 25% of the respondents feel supported in their own career development by their employer and more than 50% have no clarity about their personal prospects.

The relevance of the topic is further reinforced by the fact that for some years now there have been on-going discussions at national level between representatives of the confederation, the cantons and social partners on improved employability, new skills or the lack of resources - most recently at the 5th National Conference in Berne in April 2019.

Pit Stop® is our professional offer for the tailor-made promotion of your staff - unique in Switzerland and protected as a trademark. 

With Pit Stop® you support the employability and career perspectives of your employees and increase their reliability and loyalty. Additionally, you strengthen your position as an attractive employer by making a positive contribution to your employer branding!    

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