Keynote speech by Stephan Bolli, lic.phil.I to the management of one of our customers.

The challenges of the future in the working environment.

Keynote Stephan Bolli

As part of a keynote speech to approx. 80 management members of one of our customers in the service sector, Stephan Bolli addressed the challenges of the future working environment. The audience discussed whichs options both employers and employees have for their further development.

These are the essential findings:

  • Changes happen very fast and with them new possibilities open up.
  • The organization and employees must be able to handle changes with flexibility.
  • Every age-group has its own drive; older employees are open to new situations as well.
  • Lifelong learning is necessary for the organization and for the employees.

How to deal with the findings:

  • Crosslink your internal resources and utilize existing potential effectively.
  • Make your employees fit for the future trough development initiatives.
  • Management rethinking and show more courage in experimenting with alternatives.

Successful handling of the challenges of the future:

«I am courageous, I like trying out new things, I dare to go out on a limb and to deal with uncertainty».

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